Slice-of-life kinetic novel about a single mother rekindling her sexuality.

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Claire’s Quest

A dark fantasy RPG with an emphasis on creativity instead of combat.

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Memoirs of a Battle Brothel

Tactics RPG with base-building elements.

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Spooky Starlets

Create the films of your wet dreams! Run an adult film studio staffed by monster cuties!

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Sexena: Arena Tails

A nameless hero finds themselves facing off against monster women.



Slice of life VN about a young woman who returns to school after a personal tragedy.

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Lockdown Lewd Up!

Lockdown Lewd UP! is a puzzle game about keeping sane during a period of insanity!

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A Town Uncovered

Mystery awaits in a sleepy town- a parallel universe where sex abounds!

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Dark Alley Elf

Fight off thugs and other strange creatures in this sexy action platformer!


Jessika’s Curse

Jessika’s Curse is a hand-painted Roguelike x RPG experience currently development.


Booty Cruise

Shell yeah! Ready your cruise ship and Sail Ho!

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Yu Escape: Monday

Yu must test his girlfriend's latest elaborate entrapment!


Sweet Dream Succubus

Game by Doxy, featuring new content and updated artwork!

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Sanguine Rose

A team of mercenaries find themselves trapped during a mission gone awry.

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Seeds of chaos

Seeds of Chaos is a sexy dark fantasy tale with RPG & Strategy elements.

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Cloud Meadow

Venture out into a wondrous world of floating islands to farm, breed, and battle.

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